About Us
    FreeDownPayment.org is a free service that puts you in touch with a Realtor in your desired area who specializes in first time home buyers. Our agents can advise and help you with the various down payment assistance programs available. Most first time home buyers don't realize they may qualify for reduced intetest rates and thousands of dollars in FREE money or grants to help them with obtaining the American Dream. Click on your state to get started.
    Irving, TX
    Here are some examples:
  2.75% interest rate on 15 year loan with no down payment required- National Program
  3.5% interest rate on 30 year loan with no down payment required- National Program
  $10,000 Principal reduction, 95% closing cost assistance, 1/2 of down payment paid for. City Program
  $10,000 to $14,500 based on Area Median Income Percentage % City Program
  First-time home buyer program which provides principal reduction, down payment, and closing costs assistance up to $10,000.00. Also, may provide a grant of up to $1,500.00 for Minimum Housing Standards repairs. City Program
  $14,200 for new construction, $9,500 for resale properties, For new houses in select target areas, participants may receive up to $25,000 County Program
  100% Financing in designated rural areas, no down payment required- National Program